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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Auth behaviour change? (mSQL)
Date Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:36:40 GMT
This question is probably most easily answered by Dirk...

After adding the latest mod_auth_msql.c to one of my servers,
authentication for directories requiring basic (non-mSQL)
authentication fail with the following error.

[Tue Jun 18 23:28:52 1996] access to /docroot/global/ failed for,
reason: mSQL: Missing parameters for password lookup: Password table 

I am trying with the following .htaccess file.

AuthUserFile /usr/apache/auth/.htpasswd
AuthGroupfile /dev/null
AuthName ByPassword
AuthType Basic
Auth_MSQL_Authorative off
<Limit GET>
require user vdemo randy

I seem to remember some comment about this, but I thought that forcing
the Authorative to 'off' would fix it.

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