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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: inneresting behavior
Date Tue, 18 Jun 1996 10:14:05 GMT
>   This will issue a 302 redirect to the client.  Okay, this is all fine, and
>   I believe in the spirit of the CGI spec, but I have to wonder - in the
>   first case, how does the client know that the URL for the returned object
>   is *different* than the URL in the request?  
> Well, if we were a fully HTTP/1.1 compliant server, we would have sent
> out a Content-location: header.  However, we aren't (and since there
> aren't any 1.1 clients out there, it wouldn't necessarily matter much
> if we were).

It looks like something easy to add.
Is a HTTP/1.0 response containing Content-location: allowed?

It's worth adding on the off-chance that it'll get used by some
browsers. It needs to be implemented so that scripts can override
it (no merged/duplicated headers).

Anyone feel like doing it?


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