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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "ld error on make" on SCO
Date Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:35:39 GMT

Hi Jay,

I'll pass your observations on to the developers list for wider


>Thanks for your help with the LD error.  I added -L/lib and it completed
>perfectly.  Only thing thats frustrating is its a static compile on SCO so
>the httpd is 500K where its 150K on Linux.  Perhaps its just an anomaly of
>using gcc on SCO 5.  The client doesnt have cc.
>One more thing on Apache 1.1b3:
>On both SCO and Linux its behavior for previously seen pages is _slightly_
>different from previous versions.
>When we were running apache 1.0.5, a locally cached html document would
>generate a "304 0" message in the access log, meaning I assume "your copy
>is up to date, so I sent 0 bytes".
>1.1b3 generates a "304 -" message. meaning probably "your copy is up to
>date so I sent nothing"  which is slightly different.
>Our perceived problem is my Mac v 2.0 , v2.01 or v3.0b3 of netscape works
>perfectly when you hit the reload button, but on a PC running win95 on the
>local lan, v2.02 and 3.0beta something you don't get a full reload using
>1.1b3. ie an incomplete page.  Under 1.0.5 it works perfectly, but as I
>said above gives a very slightly different message in the access_log
>I wonder if by adding HTTP/1.1 support we haven't uncovered a bug in the PC
>Versions of netscape. Apparently (unconfirmed) MS Explorer PC has the same
>Jay Thorne      
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