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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Visions of the future...
Date Sun, 16 Jun 1996 14:23:01 GMT
As long as we're trading pipe dreams, here's mine:  I'd like the
group's next release to be a 2.0 server with the following features:

  1) HTTP/1.1 compatibility.

  2) Half-decent authoring and remote administration support.
     (FrontPage *will* take over the universe if we don't provide
     the means for standards-compliant, or at least semi-compliant,
     authoring tools such as GNN Press and Netscape Gold to compete.
     Microsoft may finally have found a way to crack the door open
     to their purely proprietary standards with this, in their
     usual fashion...).

  3) Optional threading support --- that is, it should be possible
     to compile the server threaded on platforms (already most of the
     common ones) where the threads package runs, but to have a
     non-threaded fallback state for oddball platforms, or for people
     with modules that can't deal with even non-preemptive threads.

  4) Autoconf.

With regards to porting the threads package --- no, autoconf can't do
the job *completely*, particularly not on platforms where the
sigstack/sigaltstack trick for thread startup doesn't work for some
reason (oddball behavior of those system calls or not supporting
either one at all).  It can, however, do *most* of the job, and I'd
really prefer it to the hodgepodge of #ifdefs I have now.


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