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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.1b4... where is it?
Date Sun, 16 Jun 1996 04:39:43 GMT

Amm.. before we build 1.1b4 could we please decide the fate of crypt.h 
in mod_auth_msql?   Either do what brian said with HAVE_CRYPT or define
which machines need it right there.  I would go with brian's method.  If
someone can tell me which OS needs crypt.h I'll make the patch for it. 


> Hi...
> Well, I was going to release 1.1b4 tonight, but apparently there are
> some problems with Apache and Unixware, and Randy Terbush has asked me
> to delay the release of 1.1b4 until he can fix that. So I will. I'll
> try and aim for a release of 1.1b4 tomorrow (Sunday) might, hopefully.
> There are a couple other patches on the table, too, we might want to
> consider. I know RST submitted a couple, and there's that OS/2 patch
> that Ben pointed out doesn't work. So if we could get those into
> 1.1b4, that'd be a few less things that we wouldn't have to put in the
> final release and possibly break everything.
> *sigh*
> And here I was hoping to continue the tradition of releasing Apache
> servers within six hours of seeing The Rock (it was good), as Brian
> started. So it wasn't a completely wasted evening. That, and I got a
> Tony Turbo toy car from Chevron... not sure I should have spent $6 on
> the thing, but it's so cute...
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