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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject mod_cern_meta questions...
Date Sun, 16 Jun 1996 00:42:28 GMT
A few questions about mod_cern_meta.  First off, it looks to me, from
reading the code, that if it's compiled in, it's *always* active, and there's
no way to turn it on or off on a per-directory basis.  It might be helpful
to have a way to do this --- my personal preference would be to have it
always DECLINE unless one of MetaDir or MetaSuffix had actually been
specified in some relevant config file.  (This would allow you to turn it
on for specific directories without paying the price over the entire site).

Second, it's not entirely clear from reading the code why it has its own
routine to scan the headers, rather than just calling scan_script_header
as in mod_asis --- is it just to avoid an error bounce if the file doesn't
end with a blank line, or is there a deeper reason?

Querulously yours,

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