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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: mod_expires and .status/Info ...
Date Fri, 14 Jun 1996 16:52:20 GMT
> By the way, I caught a message in comp.infosystems.www.unix which said
> that mod_status/mod_info are not able to co-exist with mod_expire.  I am
> not using mod_expire here, in fact, I don't even have it.  Anybody able to
> test this?

I've been talking to one Dwayne Jacques Fontenot
<> about just this problem - mod_expires
aparrently blocking the behaviour of mod_info and mod_status.  I
couldn't get any kind of interference between these modules myself
and we went step by step through configuring all three modules

I asked him to configure his server properly and the problem went

    Note:  he was the guy who asked me why .status and /info weren't
    returning Expires: headers.

> -Rasmus


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