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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Netscape Server Central - Enterprise
Date Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:46:49 GMT
'James W. Ash' wrote
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>Take a look at this datasheet Rob.  I think it says it all.  Thanks.

I had a quick look but I can't find anything there that would tie in
with your theory that I'd be much happier with Netscape than Apache.
I only see lots of bells a whistles such as WYSIWYG editing (I prefer 'vi'
because it produces legal HTML), and Java (which I don't like because it
has more holes in it than OJ's alibi).

What do users of Netscape Enterprise Server really love about it that
they can't get for free with Apache?.

Before I'd consider switching I need to be sure that things would 
continue to work. 
Will my conditional HTML work?, Berkeley DB authentication?, Can I stamp
outgoing HTTP headers with Expires so that I can work around the Netscape 
browser daylight savings bug? will my imagemap tables need to be regenerated?,
how about content negotiation, will that still work? '.asis' file types?

Are there plans to support fast-cgi and Apache's mod_fast_perl ?

I'm mostly interested in performance, the documentation says
 "Third-generation HTTP engine. Built on a third generation, highly efficient
  HTTP engine with the ability to serve static and dynamic HTML documents and
  applications at maximum network capacity. "

does that mean that your server can fill a T3 line?

You only list 6 unix OSes that are supported. Will I have to go back to
Apache if I need to change hardware or OS that you don't support, would 
I get a refund under those conditions?

I currently run 3 servers on 3 machines, would I have to buy a 
copy for each of them?  and would the machine in the UK need to run 
the less secure version of SSL?

Are there any newsgroups offering free support?

If I have any more questions should I sned them to you?


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