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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: performance problems with 1.1b3
Date Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:23:55 GMT


I can't see anything in your description that rings any bells so
I'll pass it on to the developers list for wider analysis.
BTW, what system is this running on?

>Ever since I upgraded from 1.1b2 to 1.1b3, I've been having terrible
>performance problems with connections.  It seems that apache is not answering
>all requests sent to it.  I can go over to one of my machines, and surf around
>my web servers for a while, then all of a sudden it stops responding to me.
>It is not a global phenomenon, as I can watch the access log file steadily
>growing while I'm locked out.  If I wait a few minutes, it works again.
>Nothing is logged in the error or access file for these failed attempts.
>This happens for all of my virtual hosts on this machine.
>The web server has the limit() queue set at 200 so that definitely is not the
>One question: are the Min/Max spare servers and MaxClients parameters global
>or are they per-virtual host?  It seems to only make sense at a global level,
>but the documentation doesn't seem concrete on this point.  I have gotten a
>few "no servers available" errors but was nowhere near my 150 maximum (and
>yes, the number of max procs on the system is set high enough).
>Any tips would be helpful, especially ideas on how better to track this
>phenomenon.  Looking at the STATUS output doesn't shed clues, either.
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