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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: NoCache && !DefaultExpires
Date Sun, 09 Jun 1996 19:02:56 GMT
Andy, thanks for the explanation.  It really clears things up...

  Since everything ends up calling send_http_header() why not just
  hack that and be done with it, it'd work, even if at the expense
  of having Expires: information being controlled by 2 different parts
  of the server (in core and in a module).

Well, the *right* fix to send_http_header is actually more subtle ---
it should nuke the expiration date and replace it with the moral
equivalent of "Expires: now" if r->no_cache is set *and* it is talking
to an HTTP/1.0 client.  If it is talking to an http_11_or_better
client, then it would be more appropriate to leave Expires as is, and
instead add a "Cache-control: no-cache", for all the obvious reasons
of modularity and keeping things in their places.  But status quo
HTTP/1.0 unfortunately does not give us that option.

As to ugliness --- yeah, it ain't stylish.  However, as to which is
the least among the numerous evils we seem to be discussing, it's the
best I've seen to date.  No contest.


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