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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: 1.1b3 and things???
Date Sun, 09 Jun 1996 18:37:18 GMT
  I'm a HTTP/1.1 client. I don't understand any of that HTTP/1.0
  Keep-Alive stuff...

This appears to be where we disagree.  I think it's reasonable to
expect that *any* HTTP/1.1 client will understand HTTP/1.0 Keepalive
for a while yet (which is why the grotty details of doing so are
spelled out in section of the draft-04).

Accordingly, I've been, assuming we'd keep on sending "Connection:
keep-alive" to all clients as long as we claim to be an HTTP/1.0
server --- including to HTTP/1.1 clients which came in without
Connection: Close.  So your hypothetical client cruises in and sees:

  HTTP/1.0 200 OK
  Irrelevant-headers: irrelevant-values
  Connection: keep-alive

(Where this gets a *bit* weird is with my current threaded server code,
which will happily toss a "Transfer-encoding: chunked" into that response
if an HTTP/1.1 client requests, say, a CGI script or SSI file.  Still,
I really doubt that any real HTTP/1.1 client will be confused by all this).


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