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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Logging and syslogd
Date Sun, 09 Jun 1996 15:53:51 GMT
Although it's true that most systems (and implementations of syslogd)
cannot support the load if access_log for busy sites, error_log is
written to MUCH less frequently. In that way, using syslog to log
error messages makes much more sense. That way, we can openlog/syslog/
closelog wrap the error logging saving a fd most of the time.

However, having Apache jump through all these hoops just to save fd's
seems a waste of our time, IMO. Look at INND, they just say "if you run
out of fd's, you can look into sfio." In other words, it's really not
_our_ problem, but rather a limitation of your OS. Here's a way to get
around it. Do we really want to work so hard so that systems limited
to 64 or 128 fd's can run a hundred v-hosts? I would guess that they would
hit other limits as well, as far as TCP/IP-stack design, performance,

To me, the question of internal-logging vs syslog() is one of which
may be better for users... We may save a few fd's here and there, but
it doesn't come for free.
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