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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: feature idea
Date Sun, 09 Jun 1996 15:08:44 GMT
  Hmmm... this would make it een easier to implement error_log using
  syslog. It's really a prime candidate for it.

How so?  Code in the core is the same sort of code as code in the modules;
the difference is that there's only one core, and you can't swap it out
with one that behaves a little differently even if you want to, so (as
Brian has been pointing out quite a bit over the past few days) changes
to the core need more thought than changes elsewhere.

I don't mean to suggest that logging errors to syslog is necessarily a
bad idea --- but just that we need to think hard about how we manage
things both externally (to a user community which mostly doesn't know
that ErrorLog is handled internally any differently than TransferLog)
and internally (anyone who has to deal with the code, who has to deal
with the differences).

Some kind of common logging infrastructure which dispatches log-lines to
any of a file, a process, or syslogd might be the best thing, but the
design of such general facilities does require careful thought (and, of
course, due attention to back-compatibility for people who have custom
loggers already and won't want to have to change them much if they do 
the job) --- it might take a couple of rounds to get it right.

It would actually be quite a bit easier to deal with this if error
logging were in the modules...


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