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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: feature idea
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 20:08:14 GMT
> with log rotation currently, if you want to have the server wake up and 
> start logging somewhere else, you send it a HUP - but this also has the 
> effect of killing whatever transfers are in progress.  For most sites 
> this is noise since it happens late at night; but for some involved in 
> large-file downloads (we're setting up a site with 10 megabyte TIFFs for 
> example) this is something of a "bug".  Any ideas on how to ameliorate 
> this?  
> 	Brian

Convert logging to syslog.

I want to do this. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I will. It
should be a fairly easy project.

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