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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: patch for mod_expires
Date Sat, 08 Jun 1996 15:36:24 GMT
> mod_expires allows an Expires header to be added by default, i.e. on
> any content-type returned, however a check was added (to avoid a core
> dump using table_get) to return 'DECLINED' immediately when there was
> no content-type recorded for the response.
> this patch allows ExpiresDefault to be used with responses that use the
> DefaultType by not DECLINING, but instead skipping the table_get check
> and then looking for an ExpiresDefault.

Ok.  I've patches mod_expires.c, now version 0.0.10 and put the
latest version up on:

mod_expires.c is *not* in the 1.1 distribution, are people happy
with this or should it be included (Oh no, not more Configration.tmpl
hacking...), or do you want to wait till the next release is out
of the door.

I note that mod_env.c and mod_cern_meta.c are also in the
contrib/modules directory.  Both of these are in the distribution
now (at least for 1.1 servers) so are only of use to people who
want to add to their existing 1.0.x stuff.


> rob
> -=-=-=-
> *** mod_expires.c.orig	Tue Jun  4 18:54:44 1996
> --- mod_expires.c	Tue Jun  4 18:55:31 1996


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