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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: all clear
Date Fri, 07 Jun 1996 21:49:00 GMT
Randy Terbush liltingly intones:
> > I'm not changing anything
> > 
> Could someone please apply the patch that stops the fatal error
> for missing VHost directories? Do we want to apply the patches
> to the mime.types?  No one has actually vetoed the patch to 
> add the ConfigDir directive. Would someone either veto it or
> commit it?
> I'm all for getting this out the door, but we're simply ignoring
> some valid changes/fixes that have come off of the bugs list.
I'm getting outta here, now, but I'll be available tomorrow. Can you
all come up with a list and I can check 'em in, if we want to wait a
day, and no one else can do the checkins.

We're also gonna want to sanity check builds from this release before
we actually go and announce it as 1.1b3, I think. I can do several of
them tomorrow.

Chuck Murcko	N2K Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
"You can write a small letter to Grandma in the filename."
		-- Forbes Burkowski, Computer Science 454

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