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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Apache shuts itself off! (fwd)
Date Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:47:21 GMT

acked without an answer.

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Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 10:52:41 -0400
Organization: Museum of Science, Boston
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Subject: Apache shuts itself off!
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Hi there,

I'm sorry to be sending this to the bugs line when this is (hopefully) a 
stupid question....  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a news server 
so I have to bother you with email.

Anyway, the situation is: We are running UNIXWARE (version 1.1.2) on a 
UNISYS pentium 90 machine which acts as our web (and email) server.  I am 
trying to install apache on our server as the primary httpd. Right now, 
I've got it installed and running on a different port from the old (CERN) 
web server so I can test it.  In general, everything is working perfectly. 
 Apache is much faster and seems to have less problems - fewer crashes, 
etc.  The trouble is that when I leave apache running for a few hours or 
over-night it shuts itself down!  When I arrive in to work the next 
morning, apache is not running anymore....  Is this normal?  I thought 
this might be due to inactivity, so I wrote a shell script that goes out 
and tries to request a web document (through lynx) from apache once an 
hour.  The script runs but apache still shuts itself off and doesn't 
restart when there is an http request.  WHY???  How do I stop this???

I hope this is an easy fix, or that I'm missing something obvious, so I 
can switch over to apache for good!!!   Please let me know!!!

Thanks in advance for your time,

      Justin Miel
  System Administrator
Science Learning Network  ---
   Museum of Science	  ---
      Boston, MA

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