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From Brian Clapper <>
Subject Patch to mod_cgi
Date Thu, 06 Jun 1996 14:32:59 GMT
I've patched `mod_cgi.c' in a way that may or may not be of general
interest.  But first, a little background.  (Fear not; I'll be brief.)

One of our locally written CGI scripts absolutely needs a non-buffered
connection to the client; since there was no way I could make that
requirement go away, I decided to make the script an NPH script, allowing
it to flush output to the client whenever it wants.  However, for other
reasons (stupid ones I won't go into), the script's name is fixed, and it
doesn't begin with `nph-'.  Since the script's name doesn't begin with
`nph-', `mod_cgi' fires the script up normally and buffers the output to
the client in 8K (IOBUFSIZE) chunks.

The `nph-' business is kind of crufty anyway, so I hacked up `mod_cgi.c' to
support a more general approach.  My hack introduces a new keyword called
`DirectToClient'; I typically throw it into `srm.conf'.  The keyword uses
this syntax:

        DirectToClient uri [ ... ]


        DirectToClient /cgi-bin/moe.cgi
        DirectToClient /cgi-bin/larry /cgi-bin/

The URIs are loaded into an internal list kept in the module's config area.
Whenever `mod_cgi' needs to fire up a CGI script, it scans the list; if the
URI of the script matches any of the ones in the list, the script is fired
up with its stdout pointed at the connection socket--just like the old NPH
stuff works, but without the need for the `nph-' prefix.  Of course, the
traditional `nph-' mechanism also works, since I didn't want to break

If this feature seems to be of general interest, I'll post the patches.
Brian Clapper .............................................. ............. PGP public key available on request
Whatever is not nailed down is mine.  What I can pry loose is not nailed down.
        -- Collis P. Huntingdon

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