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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: MS FrontPage Caveats Note
Date Thu, 06 Jun 1996 00:44:39 GMT
Actually, I forgot item 4) --- Netscape Gold uses PUT, and I believe
Navipress (or GNN press, or whatever it's called this week) does as
well.  Figuring out a tolerable way to support PUT is probably a bit
less difficult than dealing with the FrontPage mess, if you can
persuade your customers that they are better off avoiding shoddy
products made by large predatory monopolistic combines whose names end
in 't'.

(I haven't got much to say about either of these things as an editor
per se, but I think in this instance we've got to give Netscape credit
both for following the standard --- in so far as there is one --- and
for choosing a solution which was technically far superior to
Microsoft's, at *least* as regards the interface to the server back


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