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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject limit on file descriptors (fwd)
Date Thu, 06 Jun 1996 00:10:44 GMT

not acked

Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996 16:14:34 -0700
From: Wei Lin <>
Organization: USA.NET, Inc.
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Subject: limit on file descriptors
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Hi, Nice folks at APACHE,

Thanks for the apache httpd. Love it. I hope to have your help in
understanding the following sentence in the Virtual Host documentation:

4. Your system imposes other limits on file descriptors, such as a limit
on stdio streams only using file descriptors below 256.
      (Solaris 2) 

Does this mean the max number of log files for apache on solaris 2
would be 230 or so? Would it be possible to increase that with
solaris 2.5?

Thanks in advance!

Wei Lin

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