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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: MS FrontPage Caveats Note
Date Wed, 05 Jun 1996 20:29:30 GMT
>   I would like to get Apache to be able to
>   run this (Frontpage) CGI under the uid of the directory that
>   is being saved to.
> But unless you put a copy of the CGI script in each such directory
> (and the FrontPage client side is smart enough to use the right one),
> what this boils down to, I *think*, is setting the uid of the script
> process not to the owner of the script itself, but to the owner of
> the directory containing the file named by PATH_TRANSLATED.  *Retch*.

My thought (still in the thinking stage) has been to increase the bit
field for the Options and create a ExecUserCGI flag. It seems that I
could probably hook the FrontPage CGI with an ActionType. Before you
yell at me, keep in mind that this is still at the (how am I going
to pull this off stage).  Getting this wrapper thing in would be
a big relief.

The bottomline though is that I am going to have to pull this
FrontPage thing onto my system, like it or not. I've got to find
a way to sleep at night after doing so.

> Why exactly can't they use PUT, like Navipress and (I think --- really
> ought to look into it) Netscape?
> rst

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