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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Old sites moving to Apache...
Date Wed, 05 Jun 1996 17:10:52 GMT

   Hem, so Brian pointed out that some of the servers in this months
survey which had changed to using Apache appeared to be using old
versions of the software...

So I got time (coffee time) to look at what version of Apache was
being picked up by new users of the software (people who were using
some other server prior to this month).

Interestingly many people seem to be picking up on old version of
the software.  Unless there are other interpretations of this
information, it might be wise to:

1)	ensure all mirrors are being kept up to date - and not linking
	from the home page to those (if any) which are stale.

2)	put a promenent message in the distribution to the effect:

	'New versions appear evary 2-3 months.  Be sure to check the
	following URL regularly:


3)	encourage more people to subscribe to apache-announce

I'm limited in the extent of the information I can (or want to)
export from the survey across *public* forums, but Apache-only
stuff is almost certainly ok, and I think it's probably pretty
useful to the project.


--- cut here ---

5. People who changed TO Apache since last month,
   what version did they start using?

	newsw                             count
	--------------------------------- ------
	Apache/1.0.5                      1566
	Apache/1.0.3                      417
	Apache/1.0.0                      242
	Apache/1.1b2                      209
	Apache/0.8.14                     89
	Apache-SSL-US/1.0.3+1.1           81
	Apache/1.0.2                      61
	Apache/0.6.5                      60
	Apache/1.1-dev                    56
	Apache/1.0.5/VO                   49
	Apache/1.0.1                      23
	Apache-SSL-US/1.0.2+1.0b1         18
	Apache/1.0.2.binary               16
	Apache/0.6.4b                     8
	Apache/0.8.8                      8
	Apache-NeoWebScript/1.0.5         7
	Apache/0.8.11                     7
	Apache-SSL/0.4.3b                 6
	VApache/1.0.2                     5
	Apache/1.1b1                      4
	Apache-SSL-US/1.0.2+1.0b1+3/3/96  3
	Apache/1.1b0a                     2
	Apache/1.1b3-dev                  2
	Apache/0.6.2                      1
	Apache/0.8.11-JRC                 1
	Apache/1.0.5-bbum+hacqued         1
	Apache/0.8.15                     1
	Apache/1.0.4                      1
	Apache/0.8.12                     1
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