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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Domain Name Invoice
Date Wed, 05 Jun 1996 16:10:57 GMT

I'm willing to pay part of this, but am not so flush that I can
pay all of it.

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Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 05:54:07 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: [NIC-960529.2539] INVOICE (25-mar-1996 - 31-mar-1996)
Precedence: Bulk
X-MTS-Ticket: 960529.2539
X-MTS-LoopDetect: InterNIC_Registration_Services

PAYOR:                                              DATE: 31-may-1996
Randy Terbush
Zyzzyva Enterprises
1549 South 23rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

InterNIC Registration Services
P.O. Box 1656
Herndon, VA 22070

Federal ID # 52-1146119
VOICE:  +1 (703) 742-4777
FAX:    +1 (703) 742-4811



******************* Please DO NOT REMOVE Version Number ********************

Invoice Version Number: 1.0

**************** Please see attached detailed instructions *****************

Invoice Information
1a. Invoice Number.....................: 960531.561
1b. Invoice Date.......................: 31-may-1996
1c. Invoice Due Date...................: 10-jul-1996

Domain Information
2a. Registered Domain Name.............: APACHE.ORG
2b. Associated Tracking Number.........: 960213.8657
2c. Period Covered.....................: 11-apr-1996 - 11-apr-1997
2d. Registration Renewal Fee...........: $50.00 USD
2e. (A)ccept (R)eject Charge...........:

Summary Information
3a. Total Charges......................: $50.00 USD
3b. Total Amount Accepted..............:

Payment Method
4. (CH)eck (CR)edit card, or (AC)count:

Credit Card
5a. (V)isa, (M)astercard, or (A)MEX....:
5b. Credit Card Number.................:
5c. Name on Credit Card................:
5d. Expiration Date....................:
5e. Authorized Signature and Date......:

Account Payment Information
6. Account Number (5-Digit)...........:

- --------------------------------- cut here ---------------------------------

                           GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS

The form above details the domain name(s) you have registered and offers three 
possible payment methods.  Use this form to indicate your acceptance and 
payment of domain names.  THIS FORM AND YOUR PAYMENT IN US DOLLARS (USD)

  InterNIC Registration Services
  P.O. Box 1656
  Herndon, VA 22070

The fax number is:

  +1 (703) 742-4811

Please do NOT remit payment information electronically.  Questions concerning 
this form should be directed to

If this form and your payment are received by the due date, your use of the 
domain name(s) will continue.  The invoice due date is shown in item 1c.  You 
will receive a reminder message 10 days before the due date if payment has 
not been received.  The payment MUST be received by the due date in order
for your use of the domain name(s) to continue.  This form MUST accompany
your payment in order for payment to be processed, unless you are paying
for only one domain by check.  In that case, you may simply write the domain
name on your check.  Your canceled check or credit card statement serves as
your receipt.

Please do not modify the form nor remove the version number.  The instructions
for completing each field follow.  Please read the instructions carefully and
make sure the form is properly completed to accomplish the action you desire.

Section 1 - Invoice Information

   Do not alter these fields.  Your payment is due on the date shown in
   item 1c.

Section 2 - Domain Information

   Do not alter items 2a, 2b, 2c, or 2d.  Payment of this invoice will maintain
   your domain for the period shown in item 2c. In item 2e, please place the 
   character "A" or the word "ACCEPT" to indicate your acceptance of and 
   intent to pay this domain.  If, for any reason, the domain is unacceptable, 
   please indicate such with the character "R" or the word "REJECT."  A domain 
   that is "rejected" will be considered unregistered and will be returned to 
   the free pool.

Section 3 - Summary Information

   Do not alter item 3a.  The sum of the fees associated with those domains 
   you have accepted should be placed in item 3b.  This is the amount of your 

Section 4 - Payment Method

   Indicate the payment method you prefer in item 4.  Enter "CH" or the word 
   "CHECK" if paying by check.  Enter "CR" or the word "CREDIT" if paying by 
   credit card.  Enter "AC" or the word "ACCOUNT" if paying on account.  

Section 5 - Credit Card Payment Information

   If paying by check or on account, this section should be left blank.  If 
   paying by credit card please list the name of the card in item 5a.  Please 
   use either a "V" (or the word "Visa"), an "M" (or the word "Mastercard") or 
   an "A" (or the word "AMEX").  List your credit card number in item 5b.  
   The name, as it appears on your credit card, should be written in item 5c. 
   The credit card expiration date should be listed in item 5d.  Your 
   signature and date should appear in item 5e.

Section 6 - Account Payment Information

   item 6 only if you intend to pay on account.  To pay on account,
   you must first complete the Account Application Form available at and submit it with
   your initial payment.  After your Application Form and payment have been
   received, you will be assigned a 5-digit Account Number.  You may then
   charge your registration fees against your account by writing your account
   number is item 6.

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