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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Kudos
Date Wed, 05 Jun 1996 16:04:26 GMT

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From: bgeer <>
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Subject: Thanks for Apache

Hi Randy,

This is a "Thank you very much" to the developers & maintainers of the
Apache Web server.  Please forward it to all concerned parties.

I used Apache 0.8.14 & Linux to develop my wife's nursing informatics
masters degree project, Computerizing Diabetes Education.  Her
committee suggested using Web technology & HTML, which was new to me &
I was skeptical since it involved saving data in a simulated patient
database.  I ended up using shell script cgi-bins & "hidden" data to
develop a transactional software model on top of HTTP.

Her committee then requested [strongly] that we port the project to
the department's NeXT computers for her project defense.  They were
running an older version of NCSA httpd & it was adding an extra
character at the end of the query string.  So I quickly downloaded &
installed Apache & configured it to use a different TCP/IP port, which
took care of that problem without disturbing their existing Web pages.

Next, the NeXT flavor of Unix doesn't include the "cut" utility, so I
ported the shell scripts to Perl, which seemed easier than taking a
chance on programming a "cut" analog only to find more missing

After a very intense Memorial Day weekend in front of the computer,
her project defense succeded without any problems whatsoever.  We
attribute this in part to a bulletproof, easy to download, compile, &
configure Apache.

So, a heart-felt thank you & best wishes for all your work on Apache.

BTW, we hope to find funding to continue work on the project.  By all
anecdotal evidence good diabetes education succeeds in helping
diabetics to live normal lives, eating what & when they want,& without
developing the health complications traditionally associated with the
disease.  However, without good statistical evidence it is not
generally paid for by health care insurers, & our project while
helping diabetes educators do better education, will also make
collecting that evidence straightforward.  While there are plenty of
frivolous uses of the Web out there, we hope to implement a useful

Cheers, Bob

<> Robert Geer & Donna Tomky /              *             <>
<>    |    _o      *   o *      o   <>
<>   Salt Lake City, Utah   |   -\<,      * <\      </L   <>
<>          U S A           |   O/ O     __ /__,    />    <>
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