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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: oohh publicity
Date Tue, 04 Jun 1996 20:18:28 GMT
> I'd also like to tell her about all these sites that are running
> Apache is disguise in order to keep the Netscape people happy.
> Anyone have an objection to this?, anyone like to make an anonymous
> comment as an example of someone doing it?

No comment.  

Why are you doing this?  It might be wise to disassociate Apache
Group from any uncorroborated findings.  You can certainly disassociate

> if you have any other useful input, let me know ASAP.

FYI: not all the sites listed in the Netsite Galleria are using
Netsite servers for document delivery from their main address.
Whether this matters or not is debatable since there's no way of
knowing what these companies use in their intranet setup.

I tried the Date: hack to test for a misnamed NS server designation.
I didn't find very many.

> Rob Hartill 


...damn, I said intranet.  What a l@m3r.

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