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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: setuid control WITHOUT running as root
Date Mon, 03 Jun 1996 15:27:15 GMT
>>>>> "Randy" == Randy Terbush <> writes:

Randy> There are a fair number of checks in sucgi already. I'll
Randy> include the latest massaging below. I've applied the Apache
Randy> Copyright. Jason can elect to remove that if he wishes since it
Randy> was is code I started with.

Randy> ====================================================================
Randy> * Copyright (c) 1995 The Apache Group.  All rights reserved.  *

This is all wrong and now seems a convenient time to mention it again.
It should have had Jason's copyright on it originally and then you'd
add your own copyright as a derived work. The above Apache copyright is
a load of nonsense.

/* Copyright (c) 1996 Randy Terbush. All rights reserved */
/* Copyright (c) 1995 Jason.  All rights reserved.  */

It would still have the Apache license as normal and all the same
conditions would hold but the actual author should hold the copyright
rather than some non existent entity.

Incidentally, if "The Apache Group" ever legally exists everyone's going
to lose ownership of their own code and you won't be able to use code
that *you* wrote anywhere else without abiding by the Apache license as
well. If you are the copyright holder however then you are perfectly
entitled to release your own code under different license conditions if
you so wished.

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