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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject wild prediction
Date Mon, 03 Jun 1996 02:19:26 GMT

off topic and a setuid free mail message..

Okay, Rob McCool's gone, so here's a wild prediction that he might
not have appreciated..

Within a year, Microsoft will be on at least an equal browser market
share as Netscape. Netscape's stock price will drop to something realistic
conisdering their ever-changing business plan, and one of the big boys
will gobble them up... maybe even Microsoft if the government allow it.

MS are currently running some excellent TV commercials that open more
minds to getting onto the net, and they'll have the MS name tied in with
the internet.

Netscape's downfall (should it occur) will be a result of a bloated
binary that consumes way too many scarce resources. Microsoft will
use changes to Windoze to their advantage.

An Apache prediction?, we'll get to about 40-45% of the 'market' share
and will stay there for next year or more. Netscape's server share will
fall as more NT people move to the MS server. I also have a feeling that
someone will embed Apache into a UNIX OS to improve efficiency.. one of
the intel based OSes no doubt. Paul, any sign of this kind of move in
the FreeBSD camp?

Oh, and the Pope will die within the year too.


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