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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: patch? (Patch to fix the fatal missing VHost dir)
Date Sun, 02 Jun 1996 18:05:24 GMT
[Ben wrote, regarding robm's departure]:

  Has he? How do you know? (Just curious).

Hmmm... he sent a note about this when he withdrew --- last week I
think --- and I *thought* it went to the list, but you're the second
person to ask, so maybe not.

He mentioned data overload, the original reason for his presence
(explaining NCSA 1.3 quirks) getting less valid as the code diverged,
and potential conflict of interest with the commercial Apache support
firms on the list.  (I'm not sure I'm really able to understand *what*
conflicts of interest, but that's what he said).


PS --- I'm cc:ing this to Andrew, the other person who asked.

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