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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: patch? (Patch to fix the fatal missing VHost dir)
Date Sun, 02 Jun 1996 00:06:46 GMT
  Random feature thought: a feature to let Apache "watch" config files,
  and when they change, reread them automatically. Of course, this
  entails better error handling than we have now. Any situation where
  non-admin people can edit raw config files gets ugly, since Apache
  dies if it reads an invalid config entry.

It's not the config-file parsing routines which give up in that case,
but the server initialization routines which invoke them.  (FWIW, .htaccess
files are parsed by the same code, called with somewhat different parameters
to implement the restrictions imposed by AllowOverride; if the server sees
a syntax error in those, it just punts the request and keeps going).  In
any case, I think there's a general consensus that gentler handling of
errors in the main config files would be widely seen as a Good Thing.

Regarding the config-watch feature, the trick is figuring out how to 
implement it without stat'ing a couple of hundred files after every
request.  The Right Thing might be a signal which causes the server to
do the rescan, and reread whatever's changed...


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