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Subject Re: Apache Product Announcement (fwd)
Date Sat, 01 Jun 1996 16:59:08 GMT
> They may be interfacing to POS (point of sale) devices w/the modules, and
> the nondisclosure rules there are very tight. Visa et al won't even reveal
> all the details of the network their device is interfacing to. We've done
> such interfaces here, though not to Apache. I can understand his reasons
> for binary-only distribution of these modules.

	Yeah, it's pretty scary stuff. I have an apache-ssl-us var
doing the same thing and was concerned that not releasing the source
would make me upset, given that I stress source so much for security
reasons. Nothing he can do about it, but I suppose it's good to hear
that mine and everyone else's ranting and Ian's work is doing some
good in the world.

	(That guy seems fine, yeah, just make sure he puts the
appropriate credit line in there.)

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