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From Samuel Tardieu <>
Subject Re: New version of CVS Available
Date Sat, 11 May 1996 17:02:28 GMT
>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Laurie <> writes:

Ben> Further FYI ... we use 1.7. If someone can be bothered it would
Ben> be useful to know whether there are any important differences.

Being a user of CVS, I can see one: the new "annotate" command (I
cannot remember if it was in 1.7. If it was, it was too buggy to be

With this command, you can see who has modified what line in a
file. Let's take for example a file in GNAT's distributed annex:

(warning, more than 80 cols !)

% cvs annotate s-garlic.adb
[...]      (tardieu  21-Feb-96): My_Partition_ID.Set (Server_Partition_ID);
1.23         (pautet   09-May-96): D (D_Server, "I'm the server");      (tardieu  21-Feb-96): else
1.23         (pautet   09-May-96): D (D_Protocol, "I'm a client");

You can see that the line "D (D_Server, ...)" has been added or
modified by pautet in revision 1.23 at data 05/09/96, as well as the
other line two lines below, while the rest has been last modified by
tardieu (me) in revision

This can help a lot to find who did break something or who did make
a change which looks suspect, for example to talk with him.

  Sam, an happy user of CVS
"La cervelle des petits enfants, ca doit avoir comme un petit gout de noisette"
                                                       Charles Baudelaire

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