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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Apache browser, anyone? :)
Date Wed, 29 May 1996 05:21:41 GMT

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Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 22:32:23 -0400
From: Matthew James Marnell <>
Subject: Re: apache-users mailing list 

:>Well I think an Apache browser now could really change the web. 
:>Porting to Windows will be done for completeness, but it's not a primary 
:>scope since Apache has been designed for efficiency...  
:>Apache is known as the best web server, and in conjunction with "its" 
:>browser would really make Netscape sweat a lot!
:>Unfortunately the Apache developers are too busy, I suppose, to start 
:>now this project. There is Arena, now in beta, but it will never became as 
:>popular as an "Apache browser" could be. 

Not to muddy the waters, but I'm setting up an environment for developing
a freeware browser built around Java(tm) that implement a lot of the
things that the big 2 browser Co's and their pet standards committee
(W3C) seem to have thrown by the wayside.

I wasn't thinking of naming it Apache, more like Maia, but I wouldn't
mind, when there is something to distribute, putting it up on the same
sights as apache.  I was going to do this with Tcl/Tk and C libs,
since they run on every platform (just about) now, but the overhead
was too high.


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