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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Ad on the (fwd)
Date Mon, 27 May 1996 23:03:22 GMT

Again, catching up on old mail...

The Apache project does not need the money.  I've bought about $2K worth 
of hardware for hyperreal over the last year (64 more megs of memory, a 4 
gig disk) which at some point I'd like to start a donation drive to be 
compensated for (and maybe get more hardware), but other than that 
our only deficiency is time.  

The trademark issue is a big one we'll discuss at another time - Organic will
probably be able to organize that soon.  

The only situation which I'm willing to consider for sponsorship is if a 
company were willing to give us some substantially nicer hardware or 
software for hyperreal as a whole to run on.  The lead I was following at 
the beginning of the year fell through, unfortunately.  

Of course, if another company is will to foot the bill (including airline 
tickets) for an Apache conference in Hawaii, I'm all for that.  :)  


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