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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: David
Date Thu, 23 May 1996 02:27:24 GMT
On Wed, 22 May 1996, David Robinson wrote:
> Anyway, my new address is, Tel: +44 1223 566926; I'm
> touched by your interest 8-) Please feel free to send mail to that
> address. I think, too, that I should change my new-httpd subscription to
> that address - Brian?

Sure, it's now done.

> However, the harsh realities of the commercial world mean that I will not
> be able to devote much time to Apache, at least, not until we run Apache
> here. 8-(

I know the feeling.

> So, what's beeen happening in my absence?

The US Senate installed the proxy module and it promptly deleted 
/home, taking with it all the bills before congress, the Lousiana 
Purchase documents, the Constitution, and almost got the Declaration of 
Independence before an alert sysadmin noticed strange disk activity at 
3am and halted the system.  A couple guys in blue suits came by the 
office and asked a couple questions, asking about my trip to the Soviet 
Union in 1987 and whether I knew anyone involved in the Chiapas uprisings 
in Mexico.  That was Tuesday. 

So, not much. :)


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