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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Apache Mod AuthDBM
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 23:12:53 GMT

Ah!  I wondered why my dbm password files that worked fine with apache 
didn't work with netsite.  Interesting - that was never planned as a 
feature, I just coded it as I read the examples in the dbmopen man 
pages, which meant knowing exactly how long the string was going to be 
anyways (and tacking on a '\0' at the end).  Perhaps something for the 
"compatibility notes" pages, or at least the mod_auth_dbm documentation.


On Thu, 2 May 1996, Jason E. Moore wrote:
> I just wanted to confirm a unique feature of the AuthDBM module for apache.
> It seems that it doesn't require the username/password pair to be padded
> with nulls (\0)..  (I like this much more, so I wouldn't call it a bug!) I
> don't know how standard the null padding is, but this is the format that
> the netscape server expects, and believe what Larry Wall recommends in the
> last perl book. (in the explaination of dbmopen.)
> If this is true, where would be the best place for this little comment. (I
> wasted a big chunk of time because of this rather silly problem and would
> like to help others _not_ do the same.)
> I have a slightly outdated tutorial on userauthentication which i would
> like to update with this new info.
> <>
> Thanks,
> :jason
> BTW - Congrats on Apache being number 1.
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