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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Cleaning out Apache's bellybutton...]
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 02:47:52 GMT
On Wed, 1 May 1996, Jason A. Dour wrote:
> > Ah, okay - I believe that's because the "Options"  directive has some control
> > over the behavior of those two, and the current API and internals don't
> That would be why.  8)
> I guess I could go ahead and recode that...on down the road a little.  I
> had just hoped that it would be removed soon...
> I spoke with someone a while back about this, basically because the
> Options space is completely full, and I had something I wanted to add to
> Includes.  I forget with whom I corresponded...but he thought that it
> would be linted in a later release, which would then allow me and every
> other programmer to happily code away...

Nothing keeping you now!  :)  There's not really a need to add new 
Options arguments if directives can now be scoped per-directory (is this 
right, apache folk?) 

> > directive.  Though, I suppose we could distribute a shell script which
> > replaces "Options" directives with new directives...
> 	I agree with backwards a point.  8)  I just
> think it kind of goes against the whole module principle to have modules
> that aren't completely modules...  Perhaps a dual configuration?  One that
> adds the directives in the modules, but leaves the ones in the core alone?
> Messy, I know...but it would allow for migration...

That would be the only acceptible way to migrate, I believe.  Though I'm 
not against the "give 'em a perl script to convert" model either.

If you want to sharpen your apache coding chops, you might want to think 
about how you'd modify mod_cgi and mod_includes to accomplish that...


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