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From Richard Freilich <>
Subject Re: Apache on OSF/1
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 23:43:42 GMT
On Thu, 2 May 1996, sameer wrote:

> > 
> > Does ApacheSSL-US have 64bit support?  I'm planning on running ApacheSSL
> > as soon as I can get my hands on an RSA number - probably going to start
> > it on a Compaq 486, but once business picks up it will definitely be
> > running on an Alpha (might even start it off on an Alpha Station 400).
> 	Like I said, it works, but I personally haven't run it in a
> production setting.

Ok - I'll have to put it into production and see how it stands up.

> > 
> > As well, is there any fix for the current original situation?  Seems like
> > I lose my Web server every few hours - and most mornings, it dies
> > completely, to the point where I have to kill all processes, and restart
> > the daemon.
> 	People on the apachessl-users list had misconfigured servers
> and their ScoreboardFile directives were pointed at the same
> location. This caused the error you describe..
> 	Can't think of anything else.

ScoreBoardFile directives?  As in more than one?  My current configuration
doesn't have any setup for the ScoreboardFile - by default, it is writing
to logs/apache_runtime_status.  I've checked the website,
and can find no mention of this directive at all - the only explanation I
could find was in the httpd.conf-dist that came with Apache 1.0.5 - and
that explanation doesn't say very much either.

Any information would be helpful.


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