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From Richard Freilich <>
Subject Apache on OSF/1
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 13:33:33 GMT

I recently installed Apache 1.0.5 on a DEC Alpha Station 1000 running
OSF/1 3.2c, switching from a Compaq 486 DX2/66 running BSDi.  For some
reason, about once a day, I need to kill the Apache server and restart it,
as I cease to get a response from it.  Anybody know of any reason(s) why
this would be happening?

One new error I'm noticing in the logs is this:

application-specific initilization failed: error getting working directory
name: permission denied

Also quite a number of SIGSEGV errors.

Any information on why this is happening would be helpful, thanks.

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