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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: background CGI bug
Date Sat, 04 May 1996 01:38:45 GMT
On Fri, 3 May 1996, Paul Richards wrote:

> If you have the separate patch files then checkout out Apache after that
> mammoth commit and use patch to individually remove each of the patch files
> you committed from the checked out copy. That'll allow to regressively
> test each patch until you find the culprit.

Actually, the patches were committed seperately. I was being a bit
too vauge in what I said; what I meant was that Rob Hartill had asked for
snapshots of Apache from certain dates, and I was pointing out that
10% of Apache changed within an hour, and the break was in there, so
that approach was unlikely to work. And some of those patches
themselves (the David Robinson ones) were 30 or 70k. Still, CVS could
be used to narrow the patches more specifically.

Rob: as for the patches, they're the ones in, I think.

Alexei Kosut <>    
Lefler on IRC, DALnet <>   

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