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Subject Re: Threaded server on Solaris...
Date Fri, 31 May 1996 03:11:09 GMT
> Still, the same code has been doing a remarkably
> credible imitation of a stable web server on since Sunday.
> (That machine runs SunOS).

Server: Apache/1.2dev Arachne-threads/0.00-DESTRUCT-0

Nice server name there...

Is the code at a point where I can start to use it as a basis for making
my various modules compatible with it?  

Also, what are the plans for this threaded server?  Can we make it a
configuration option at some point so people can actually choose if they
would like to use a single threaded server or the older forking model?
I assume it is possible to run multiple threaded servers for the same
domain.  I have a 4 processor Sparc box sitting here where it might be
interesting to see what 4 threaded Apache servers each running on its
own cpu would perform like.


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