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Subject Re: HELP
Date Thu, 30 May 1996 16:35:42 GMT
> Again, there isn't one (yet).  Rasmus, who has the same problem, and
> Tom Tromey, who has some experience with nasty configuration issues, may
> have some good ideas to contribute.

Yes, my mod_php module is quite large.  There are more lines
of code in mod_php than in all of Apache and its standard modules
combined (not that this is a good thing).  The way I did it was to make 
a very short mod_php.c separate from the actual module code.  The actual 
module is built separately as a library (libphp.a) with its own configure
script and Makefile as if it were a completely standalone package.  It is
actually a completely standalone package since it can be built as a CGI as


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