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Subject mod_imap
Date Tue, 28 May 1996 14:43:31 GMT
Jim, I am not having any problems with mod_imap here.  I just downloaded
the latest from-cvs snapshot and tested it.

Could your problem be related to the following bug description?

(This is from "Samuel P. Hopkins" <> and it was
 posted to the apache-users mailing list)

Bug #1 Version 1.0.5 and 1.1b2:

	Sometimes when you go to a page with a graphic on top, and a ISMAP 
graphic, netscape just hangs forever. If you click the "STOP" button in 
Netscape you get the page, and background, but the two top graphics are 
broken images. If you click the reload button, the page comes across 
fine. This happens with Netscape 1.1n and 2.0. The only way around it is 
to use smaller (in k bytes) graphics. The server is ran on a Digital Unix 
(OSF/1) V3.2c box.

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