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Subject Suggested changes
Date Thu, 16 May 1996 19:05:09 GMT
It is a bit irritating that the Apache conf.h file uses HAVE_MMAP to
determine whether it should include sys/mman.h.  HAVE_* is the standard
naming mechanism for autoconf-generated configure scripts and in the case
of the mmap() call, there are systems out there that have mmap but do
not have the sys/mman.h header file.  This means that any Apache module
that uses mmap and uses configure to check for the presence of this function
will have compile problems on certain platforms.  I think that if we are
not going to use autoconf for Apache, then we could at least make sure that
the Apache-specific macros do not conflict with autoconf.

Also, how about removing the debug code from alloc.c?  I think the memory
pool code has been tested now.  The calls to chk_on_blk_list() and the
function itself can probably be removed.  The memset() call in make_sub_pool()
could probably go too.  Is there a good reason to 0 out the pool on creation?


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