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Subject Re: Bug tracking
Date Wed, 15 May 1996 16:27:07 GMT
>      o using some database like mSQL or Postgres95
>           I'm more enamored with this approach in light
>           of the flexibility, however Email management
>           would add another level of work that I'm not
>           in a position to take on at the moment.

I might be in a decent position to build something like this.  I have
recently written a simple mailing list management package which keeps
track of mail using mSQL.  And as you know, I also wrote PHP/FI which 
makes building a web interface to mSQL exceedingly simple.  It would
probably take me about a weekend to bang out something workable *if*
I got some input beforehand with a set of features and requirements
that it needs.

The way I see it:

  o You can submit items either via email or via a web interface.
    If submitted via e-mail, some magic tags must be present to
    denote various things such as OS, version, category, etc.

  o The items can be searched either via the web interface or via
    email.  It can either be a full-text search on the item 
    description, or it can be a category search on one or a combination
    of categories.  

  o Each item would be stored in an mSQL database.  Multiple projects
    or sub-projects could be easily handled by using a separate table
    for each.  The full text of the item description would be stored 
    as a separate file with only the filename stored in mSQL.  This
    allows us to use something like Glimpse to do proper full-text
    searching while limiting mSQL use to category searches and quick
    keyed lookups.

Components needed:

   o Email to mSQL interface

      This is 90% written.  The last 10 percent would be to add the various
      magic-tag parsing needed for the specific features

   o mSQL to Email interface

      Some code needs to be written that responds to email-based queries.
      It might also need to be able to send periodic updates, or send
      copies of all new additions to one or more maintainers for the
      various categories.

   o mSQL to Web interface

      I crank these out at a rate of about 10 screens per day.  This
      is a trivial thing.

   o List of requirements

      The most important part.

I am perfectly willing to write the bulk of this.  Just a word of warning
though.  I don't do Perl.  It would be written in C with all web interface
code in PHP/FI running through the Apache mod_php module or through the
FastCGI version of the PHP/FI parser.  


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