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Subject mod_info again
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 21:43:01 GMT
Tired of my going on about mod_info yet?

My main motivation for pushing this thing is to make my support job for
my mod_php module easier.  There are a lot of pseudo web masters out
there who don't know enough to even report their configuration settings
correctly when they submit bug reports on mod_php.  I think this will be
equally useful to anybody else trying to support Apache like Cygnus and

I think the feature freeze is a good idea and am aiming this for
release 1.2.  Just looking for comments and suggestions here.

I have expanded mod_info to not only report information about the modules
and their different possible commands, but also the current server
configuration and each module configuration directive as they are set in
the configuration files.  This got a tad tricky since I wanted to preserve
<location>, <limit> and <directory> contexts and relate each setting to
the module which handles the setting.

You can see the current version at:


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