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Subject Re: Yay or Nay to mod_info?
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 15:26:31 GMT
> It's small, and it's useful. Maybe not right after a build, but three
> months later when someone says "Can that server do blahblahblah?", and the
> build tree has changed beyond recognition. Not that any of us do that. 8^)
> +1

Ok, next question then.  What is the current timeline?  I can extend
mod_info to actually print the current configuration for both the server
and each module without too much trouble.  I built something like this
into my PHP/FI package right from the beginning and it has been invaluable
as a remote debugging tool.  If we are less than a week away from a final
1.1 build, I'll aim this full mod_info for 1.2.  If there is a 1.1b3 still
to come and another round of testing, then I'll aim it for that.


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