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Subject Re: mod_status again
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 20:58:09 GMT
> You may want to use the source patch that hit the mailing list after your
> reply. It parses the form data set correctly, allowing multiple options
> in a request. 

I am using the source patch that you posted to the list (unless you posted 
a second patch that I haven't seen yet).

> The 1st number of the Accesses and the B1 kByte counts
> refer to the *last* completed connection, and do account for keepalives.

Hmm..  I have Keep-Alives on and re-loading the status page over and over
again never brings that number above 1.  

> For no keepalives, the number will be 1. For keepalives the number is > 1.
> The second Access number is total requests served by this child. Before
> the http_main.c change, both numbers read total requests.

No, before the change the first number showed the total number of requests
served by the current child process while the second number showed the
total number of requests served by the scoreboard slot.  If you had
MaxRequestsPerChild set to 0, then these two numbers were the same.

I don't think the number of requests for the last connection tells
me very much.  I'd rather see how many requests this particular process
has served so I can compare that to the amount of memory it is taking up
and thereby adjust my MaxRequestsPerChild setting to keep memory leaking
under control.


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