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Subject Re: mod_perl testing
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 18:09:52 GMT
> I think there are actually (at least!) 3 ways one would want to use
> Perl (or any embededded language):
> 1. As an interface to the API, that is, a module
> 2. As a faster CGI.
> 3. As an interpreted server-side include

I think there are 3.5 ways..

3.5. An interpreted server-side embedded tag-spanning language

Quite similar to #3, but it would allow you to do something like:

    <h1>Normal HTML</h1>
    <? $i=0;
       while($i<10) {
          <h2>More Normal HTML - Iteration #<?echo $i></h2>
    <?    $i++;

This is exactly what mod_php does.  If mod_perl could support something
like this I think it would be a big hit with people.  I think it might
require getting into the guts of the Perl parser though, and that would
be a scary thing.


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