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Subject Re: background CGI bug
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 16:51:58 GMT
> This highlights a problem with the CVS way of doing things.
> During periods of rapid change, we need to encourage everyone to
> download snaphots on a regular basis.

Which would be a heck of a lot easier if there was read-only CVS access.
I saw the changes and ftp'ed the entire from-cvs beast once a day.  Would
have been much simpler to get the patches directly with a "cvs update".
And it is much simpler to investigate individual patches.  I know it can
still be done by looking at each patch coming from the notification mailing
list and applying them manually, but that requires a lot of effort and
brain cycles.  And once applied, it isn't extremely easy to revert back
to older copies of the tree without CVS.

I agree that CVS is not a good general-purpose distribution method, but
for heavy testing/debugging purposes it is great.  I know I would help out
in finding this CGI bug if I had a bit better access to the sources and the
individual changes.


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