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Subject MaxRequestsPerChild/mod_status inconsistency
Date Wed, 01 May 1996 13:32:50 GMT
I have MaxRequestsPerChild set to 30 in my configuration.  I sat and
watched my status screen for a while to see if this actually does the
trick.  I noticed quite a few going over the 30 requests mark before
they were respawned.  ie. this one:

Server 9 (15239): 33|343 [Ready] u0.69 s0.46 cu2.92 cs0.34 Wed May 1 09:05:03
1996 (322.8kB|3.2MB) {GET /status HTTP/1.0}

Could the two counters be out of synch somehow?  

On a completely idle server with only 2 httpd's running they consistently
respawn at exactly 30 hits, although mod_status only counts up to 28 and
then goes to 0 because the current hit is not shown.  I think this is a
bug as well.  The [Ready],[Read],[Write] thing is updated, but the per child
hit counter always lags one hit behind the actual.

The fact that the per child hit counter can exceed 30 in some circumstances
looks like a more serious inconsistency. The code in http_main.c for exiting
when max_requests_per_child is hit looks ok, so I think the child actually
exits after 30 hits.  It may be increment_counts() is called on the scoreboard
data before it can be marked as dead.


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